For Sale - PCM - 2421 - Wet-Type Waste Recycling and Pelletising Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2421


Wet-Type Waste Recycling and Pelletising Machine

Product Details

- Suitable for recycling treatment for PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE waste material.
- Waste material may directly be pitched into the inlet without preceding smash treatment in a crusher. The specially designed construction will directly smash waste material and do pelletising.
- Easy operation, just preset the required temperature in advance for each heater to warm up. When all temperature gauges reach the preset, start operations after another 20-30 minutes.
- This machine is equipped with hydraulic screen exchanging action to be easy and quick.
- The pelletising barrel is equipped with water flushing unit which quickly cools down the produced pellets and prevents them sticking to each other.
- Vibrate filtering device separates the pellets from water quickly.
- Drying device drains and dries the pellets completely.
- In-feed pneumatic pressing cylinder to increase production capacity.