For Sale - PCM - 2422 - Palletizing and Recycling System


Reference Number

PCM - 2422


Palletizing and Recycling System

Product Details

- The machine comes with a new round die, rotary knives and dehydration drying systems. Compact space saving design with a mid range output of 65 kg/hour, is ideal for in house recycling of waste materials.
- The extruder feeds the melt to the round die precision boreholes, high speed rotary knives cut off the melt as it exits and centrifugal forces push it outwards in a high speed rotating water ring.
- This cools the pellets and transports them through water channel, where the oversize particles are removed by a separator, the pallets are then separated with the water and send to the dehydration unit, where they are dried and send to the collection bin for packaging.

Machine Features:
- For recycling of PP, HDPE and LLDPE
- Round Die, made with German nitride steel and hardened to give longest possible production life.
- Knives are made with tungsten carbide material and designed with quick change over without adjustment.
- Dehydration system ensures that the pellets are dried to a constant residual moisture.