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PCM - 2455


Compounding Machines

Product Details

Ideal for precise compounding of polyolefins, engineering plastics and other continuous processes that require energy input.
The classic areas of application are:
- Mixing and dispersion of additives
- Reinforcement with glass, carbon or other fibrous materials
- Filling with talc, calcium carbonate, sawdust or other filler material
- Mixing and dispersion of pigments
- Alloying
- Reactive compounding
- Chemical reactions such as polymerization, polycondensation and polyaddition
- Degassing of volatile components
- Direct extrusion
- High demand for consistent and reproducible product quality

The procedural steps in compounding are:
- Metering
- Feed intake and conveying
- Melting
- Dispersing/Homogenizing
- Degassing
- Pressurization
- Screening
- Palletizing or producing semi-finished products

The two-stage set-up and the modular principle of process section make the machine adaptable to most process applications.

Dependability and a well-engineered concept are important factors for the quality and cost effective implementation of plastic compounding plants. Coordination of the remaining plant sections with the demands of the customer and/or operation are equally important. We have much of experience in the implementation of efficient plants.

The principle on which our compounding machines as based, for gentle material treatment, has been proven and accepted world-wide for decades:
- Plasticizing, mixing and homogenizing at high screw speed in the twin-screw machine section
- Open, pressureless product transfer into the discharge screw with the possibility for degassing
- Gentle discharge through the die plate with the slow rotating single screw