For Sale - PCM - 2456 - Two Stage Compounding Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2456


Two Stage Compounding Machine

Product Details

Two-stage extruding and palletizing systems are designed mainly for the modification and compounding of thermo and shear-sensitive materials. The two-stage set-up and the modular principle of the process section allow for most process applications such as PVC and XLPE cable compounds, soft PVC medical compound, rigid PVC, EVA foam sole compounds and PE halogen-free low smoke flame retardant materials, etc.

The two-stage principle, for gentle material treatment, has been proven and accepted for:
- Plasticizing, mixing and homogenizing in the twin-screw machine section
- Open, pressureless product transfer into the discharge screw with the possibility for degassing
- Gentle discharge through the die plate with the slow rotating single-screw
- Pelletizing either with air-cooling or eccentric water-fog pelletizing. Also available with strand and water-ring pelletizing (optional)