For Sale - PCM - 2472 - Multi-Layers Spiral Tube Manufacturing System


Reference Number

PCM - 2472


Multi-Layers Spiral Tube Manufacturing System

Product Details

It is possible to produce tube including string in-line continuously. Inner layer of tube is molded high accuracy into vacuum water bath by using 2 extruders through the die for multi-layers, and winded string outside round of this tube.
After pre-heating, it is coated by extruder and dies for coating, cooled and winding by using automatic winding machine continuously.
This system can produce single-layer and multi-layers tube, and using PA-material, TPU-material and others materials continuously.
This is manufacturing system for Cross linking PE Pipe which is used for Pipe of housing.
Cross linking PE Pipe is used by road-heating system, supply of cold and hot water, heating and heating of floor in Japan.
This system is constituted by device for raw material, Extruder, Die, Vacuum water bath, Taking-up machine and automatic winding machine, and each device are equipped measuring device including quality control. This can control interlock driving for all device and record daily report real-time.
And this system is designed, manufactured, constructed, driven test running before shipment by ourselves in our factory.
We are endeavoring that our customers is using our system reassuringly.