For Sale - PCM - 2498 - Super Wide Cast Film Line


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PCM - 2498


Super Wide Cast Film Line

Product Details

We manufacturer super-wide cast film line with width 5,000 mm in China with advanced PLC industry control system of its winder, Good winding quality is ensured.
The winder is equipped with high-precision servo transmission system, separate adjustment of tension/pressure control system and also orientation system of automatic roller-changing. Its constant winding quality thanks to the flying knife. All these make it suitable for all type of films.
The winder of this line is reasonable in designing, compact in structure, stable in performance and convenient in maintenance. (By using different collocation, the film width is up to 10,000mm)

We also offer Multi-layer co-extrusion casting film line upto width of 6000 mm.

The advantages of this film line:
- Meeting the customers' need: Meet the production need for high quality and super-wild casting CPP films.
- Decreasing the cost: The edge trim recycling unit largely increases the utilization rate, output and productivity. The output will be increased and then the productivity shall be up accordingly. The production cost shall be cut through designed various structure.
- Improving the film quality: The unique designs shall be made to match various performance of the film.

- Much better extrusion plastify system: The independently researched and invented extrusion plastify system, with much better plastify effects, and ensure customers the improvement of the product quality with the decrease of the energies.
- Delicate non-stop filtration system: Speedy non-stop filtration devices with super large filtration areas and turntable-style constant pressure non-stop filtration devices improve the finished product ratio.
- Speedy precise cooling forming system: All of those, thin roller wall, large flux, intercrossed double flow channel, speedy cooling forming roller with big diameter, precise automatic temperature control supply water system, ensure the improvement of the productivities and the stability of quality. Olecranon-shaped air-knife adjustable to move up and down, with special configurable cooling soft bellows and rotatedly adjustable cleaning roller, fully satisfies the technical requirement for various products.
- Fully automatic double station winding system: Turntable-type double station winding station can fastly switch over the wind roller automatically, and the exquisite pneumatic auto-locked setup provides precise and stable winding tension and ensures high quality film winding at the fast production speed.
- Humanistic operation control system: The independently researched and invented numeric bus-mastering system simplifies the operation procedure and equips with the first-class electronic controlled components, the whole production line running being stable and precise, with the explicit and simple operation.