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PCM - 2506


Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant

Product Details

RRP- India and DRTS-USA
- The quality of the extruder is one of the most important factors of the production lines.
- That's why RR offers next generation extruder.

a) Single Screw Extruder of RR:
- The drive motor and the gear box are directly coupled to achieve the optimum efficiency to reduce the electrical power consumption per unit output
- New generation barrier screw with dispersive and distributive mixing zone for homogenized melt and better mixing
- Accurate control of melt condition, Homogeneous temperature and pressure without variation, serging and low thermal stress
- Highly efficient temperature control for grooved feed block
- Consistent through put for all screw speed

b) R.R.'s control panel with automation :
- 10.2 inches touch sensitive color screen
- Output Indication (kg /hr) w.r.t. changes in pipe dimension and line speed
- Power consumption (kw /hr) and Unit/kg (Watt / kg)
- It provides following interlocks for Extruder - 1. Cold Start Protection, 2. Soaking time, 3. Alarm for Pressure and Temperature changes,
- Recipe management
- Supervision of production data
- Supervision of statistical data
- Production parameters
- Recipe Store
- Total power calculation

c) Round dripper insertion machine: INS-250
DRTS INS -250 inserts up to 250 drippers per minute. It is fully automatic and has the ability to produce uniform spacing, group spacing, and plain pipe. It has a built in feature for producing samples between coils for use with DRTS-FT-10 our 10 station flow testing machine for quality control.

d) Dripper Perforating / Drilling Machine:Dp-250
DRTS Dp-250 drills up to 250 drippers per min. It is fully automatic and has the ability to drill 2 or 4 holes without using any electrical sensors or controls. The unit uses high speed air motors to drill the holes. The perforating machine can be used with a variety of round drippers.
- Model: DP-250
- Speed: 250 drippers per minute
- Drip Pipe diameter: 6 - 20 mm
- Dripper type: Round (PC or Non PC)
- Dripper length: 25-70 mm
- Dripper outlets: 2 or 4 holes
- Notes: Fully Mechanical (no sensors/no electricity)

e) Vacuum calibrating tank and cooling system:
- Made of stainless steel with double vacuum chamber
- Extremely stable vacuum due to constant water level
- Works on minimum vacuum pressure: 0 to 100 mbar
- Auto vacuum controlled by AC frequency variable drive
- Easy X, Y and Z movement ensures operator friendliness
- Precise water pressure controls provides for aquarium

f) Haul - Off unit:
- Max pipe diameter up to 32mm
- Speed up to 120m /min
- The constant and accurate pull of the Haul off will guarantee the best performance of the whole extrusion line
- Individual AC servo geared motor for each boom. Accuracy ± 0.001 %
- Precisely synchronized with main extruder

g) Coiler with auto traversing
- Double station
- Max outer coils diameter mm: 1200
- Suitable for pipes from Ø12mm to Ø32mm (max.)
- AC motor with individual reduction gear box
- Max speed: 120 meter /min +20%recovery speed
- Pneumatic opening/Closing of the flaps, that is retractable during the opening
- Mechanical traverse with ball screw mechanism and driven by AC geared motor with AC Drive and synchronized with main bobbin
- Length counter is provider with two alarms first for precut i.e. Audio & video alarm and second is to stop the coiler

h) Pipe Crusher:
- 70 to 80 kg / hr. output with just 1.5 kw power consumption
- Online type operation which reduces extra manpower utilization
- 3 - 4 pipes can be fed at one time
- Uniform Grinding size of 3x5 mm without dust
- Also cuts the Pipes with Drippers inside
- Silent operation

i) Coil wrapping machine:
- Complete automatic operation
- Stretch film wrapping type
- Wrapping Capacity of 60 coils/hr
- Uniform wrapping ensures less film consumption which results in less packing cost
- Keeps pipe coil in tight winding form which tends to loosen after shrinkage

Online / Inline Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant::
1) Model: RRPP 45/33 inline drip I\irrigation pipe plant features
- 100,000 meter inline pipe production / day
- 0.24 unit /kg / hr power consumption
- Coil to coil weight variation is within + / - 0.5% of coil weight
- PLC based machine with inbuilt AC for control panel
- India's first indigenously developed semi auto coiler with synchronized traversing suitable to coil pipe up to 120 mpm line speed
- Insertion capacity 250 drippers / min
- 20 cm to 200 cm spacing setting for different configuration pipe
- Uniform spacing / group spacing/ plain Pipe / sample feature included in PLC
- Perforator can drill 1,2,3,4 holes as per customers requirement. Drilling is possible on same side / opposite to each other / across side

2) Model: RRPP 61/33 inline drip irrigation pipe plant features
- Up to 160,000 meter online pipe production / day
- 0.30 unit/kg power consumption
- Coil to coil weight variation is within + / - 0.5% of coil weight
- PLC based machine with inbuilt AC for Control Panel
- India's first indigenously developed Auto coiler with Synchronized Traversing suitable to coil pipe up to 120 mpm line speed
- Machine performance guaranteed 16 mm pipe up to 80 meters/min and 12 mm pipe upto 120 meters/min
- Servo driven haul - off unit
- Jockey extruder for stripes on pipe

DRTS has over 3 decades of experience in Drip Irrigation machinery and has installed machines over 25 countries. DRTS has always had a co-operation with the leading extrusion brands in different parts of the world.
In India DRTS has joined hands with RR PLAST, who is the leading extrusion machines manufacturer in India. RR PLAST has been building extrusion machines for past 3 decades. RR PLAST independently trains your engineers, takes care of complete installation and provides you service support round the clock for complete Drip Line.
RRP / DRTS together are committed to provide the complete solution to Irrigation field.

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