For Sale - PCM - 2572 - Expanded Polystyrene Extrusion Line


Reference Number

PCM - 2572


Expanded Polystyrene Extrusion Line

Product Details

Screw and Barrel: The XPS extrusion lines (one single-screw extruder for compounding and a second single-screw extruder for cooling) units proven technology with an exceptionally sturdy screw and barrel design. The extruder combination offers an optimum cost-effective solution for stable throughput rates between 250 and 600 kg/h.

Slot Die: With years of research and practice, came slot die which played a quite key role as a part of extrusion line, the flow channel was specially designed proved very successful and stable after long-term experience, which you can rely on all the time.

Screen Exchanger: It's designed with advanced stable multi-mesh technology enable non-stop exchange of mesh. Flow channel property designed to avoid over-heating polymer. Automatic control system is reliable and easy for operation.

Intelligent Automation Control: To guarantee the precise temperature control and intelligent on-line diagnostic with modular design enables operation very easy, and make it possible to easily expend the control functions.

XPS Board: XPS Physical Characteristics
- Property: Value
- Typical Densities Kg / m3: 0.28
- Dimensions mm: 600-1200
- Thermal Resistance RDm 2K/W R-value per inch=0 F. ft2.h/BTU: ?0.03 (250 C/770 F)
- Thickness mm: 20-100
- Compressive Strength K Pa: 250
- Dimensional Stability (length/width/depth) % - 1.5
Max. Use Temperature0 C (0 F) - adiabatic condition 750 C (1670 F)
Water Absorption % - less than 1.0
Combustion performance - B2

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