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PCM - 2657


Plastic Lawn Production Line

Product Details

Raw material: PE, master batch, non-woven cloth etc.

Automatic loader
Loading capacity: 150kg/h
Motor power: 1.1kW/380V, 3-phase
Maximum static pressure: 9800 Pa

?90 single-screw extruder
L/D: 30:1
Material of barrel and screw: 38CrMoAlA, nitride treating
Motor power: 55kW
Heating element: cast-aluminum heater
Heating section number: 7 zones
Thermocouples measure temperature, Fuji or RKC temperature controller, frequency conversion adjust speed, Fuji inverter.

Mould: Heating power - 30kW

It's made of steel of excellent quality. The surface of inner flow channel is plated with chrome. The inner flow channel of the die head is specially designed and distributed, double-channel supply raw material, it adopts inside heating-bar for heating, Fuji or RKC temperature controller, equipped with lifting and installation tools.

Forming unit
Forming width: 1200 mm or according to clients' requirement
Motor power: 1.5 kW/380V, 3-phase

This unit is specially designed and made by ourselves. Water cooling, frequency conversion adjust speed, world wide well-known inverter, this unit is also able to do synchronously sealing, such as textile, PE sheet etc.

Haul-off unit: Motor power - 2.2 kW/380V, 3-phase

Two rubber rollers, pneumatic hold down. It's also equipped with trimming cutters, frequency conversion adjust speed, world wide well-known inverter.

Shaping unit: Heating power - 10kW, oven heating

Winder: Single work position winding, magnetic powder clutch controls tension.

Summary of production line:
Products width: 1200mm or according to clients' requirement
Grass length: 20 mm
Speed: 0.6 m / min
Output: 80 ~120 kg/h
Capacity: 130 kW
Roll length: 15 m
Roll diameter: 560 mm

Quotation: RMB 1,900,000 USD 276,000,
FOB - Dalian