For Sale - PCM - 2675 - Vertical Multi-color, Multi-material Injection Molding Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2675


Vertical Multi-color, Multi-material Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

- Insert of metal or plastic parts will make your multi-color product become 3 color products.
- Two separate injection units operated by two individual motors and pumps or even work independently can make any standard vertical insert molding.
- Selection of this functional multi-color rotary not only can make your multi-color products be full of variety but also the lower the cost of mold will be bring you into another new concept of product design in a new era.
- High efficiency rotary table gear transmission is loaded by long-lasting plate with simultaneous water transport device in the central (can 360 rotary) make the rotary speed be more faster and the orientation be more precision so that the chrome-plated surface will be rust-proof, beautiful and durable.
- 2 separate injection units are given power by individual oil circuit not only without interruption by other oil pressure so as to remain stable and reliable but also take two actions at the same time so as to shorten cycle time and increase production.