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PCM - 2749


Compounding And Colouring Extrusion Plant

Product Details

LLDPE raw material with suitable masterbatch is fed in to the barrel cylinder through storage hopper. The barrel is preheated by heating zones and suitable temperature control system to process the input material. The rotating screw pushes the material towards die end with uniform and homogenized plastics melt. The screw is rotated by suitable AC motor coupled with heavy duty gearbox. The plastics strands extruded from die are fed in to high speed Pelletizer unit after they get cooled and traveled through SS water cooling tank. Pelletizer cuts the strands in to desired size of pellets which can be collected in to storage silo.

Extruder unit is consisting of heavy & sturdy frame fabricated from MS plates and channels. The screw and barrel are made from high tensile alloy steel which are duly nitrided, finished polished and hardened. The screw and barrel are specially designed to process the PE material. Main screw is rotated by suitable AC motor & via rubber belts coupled with pulleys and a heavy duty gear box The barrel has been divided in to heating zones for accurate temperature control. Thermocouples are provided for each heating zones for temperature control through digital temperature controllers. Heavy duty thrust housing is used to withstand high back pressure during the process.

Die Head
Compact Die head is fitted with flange, beaker plate and one special die to extrude pellets. Swiveling arrangement for die is provided for ease of cleaning.

Cooling Tank
Water cooling tank is fabricated from stainless steel plate which is mounted on adjustable stand for height adjustment. Guide rollers are provided to convey the strands forward towards pelletizing unit.

Pelletizer Unit
Specially designed Pelletizing unit is made from heavy MS channels structure. Which is consisting of sets of moving blades and stationery blades which are mounted on balanced rotor. The unit is driven by suitable AC motor and AC variable frequency drive for speed control so as to produce desired cut length of pellets.

Electrical Cabinet
The Electrical panel is fabricated from powder coated MS sheet with dust proof construction. Main Ammeter, Input voltage voltmeter, Emergency stop, Starter for main Extruder motor, Digital temperature controllers for barrel and die heating zones, with individual ammeters for each zones, AC variable drive for pelletizer motor are provided. Detailed Electrical circuit diagram with rating of all switch gears and with terminal connectors diagram is provided with panel

Salient Features:
- Screw & barrel are made of nitro alloy steel, nitrided, finished polished and duly hardened for longer life.
- All Electrical switch gears are of reputed & reliable make.
- Digital temperature controllers for faster heating & energy saving.
- AC variable drive as standard feature for Pelletizer unit.
- Designed for reprocessing & colouring application of LLD, LDPE, HDPE, etc.

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