For Sale - PCM - 2768 - Polyethylene Air Bubble Extruder Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2768


Polyethylene Air Bubble Extruder Machine

Product Details

The machine is designed specially to produce polyethylene air bubble film which is widely used for packing industrial products, easily-broken products and safe-keeping for any other products. It can be produced polyethylene compound bubble (cushion) membrane in succession. The machine is driving by AC motor, hydraulic screen changer provided, with auto hopper loader and material dryer. And we also can provide such machine in two extruder with co-extrusion.

- Screw Diameter: 55 to 100 mm
- Screw Ratio: 28:1
- Output: 25 to 80 kg/hr
- Film Width: 650 to 2000 mm
- Total Power: 30 to 90 KW