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PCM - 2779


PVC Profile Production Line

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Series of PVC profile production line is widely suitable for producing PVC profile, multi-hole cable duct (4-hole, 6-hole, 9-hole, etc.) According to different profile section and mold to choose different conic or parallel twin screw extruder and equipped with relative vacuum sizing tank, haul-off device, cross direction saw cutter, stacker and other auxiliary equipments. The capacity of main extruder is from 150 kg/h to 450 kg/h for option. Special design for haul-off by particular up and down technology of our company in order to getting working stable, reliable and heavy hauling-off force. The vacuum sizing tank has been adopted particular big eddy flow cooling system for cooling and sizing easily and for high speed extruding necessary. The action of cross direction saw cutter keeps synchronous with haul-off controlled by import PLC controller, which enjoys reasonable design, running scale, auto fixed length cutting, and assembles swarf suction device. According to different molds, the vacuum sizing tank could be provided by 4 meter, 6 meter, 8 meter, 11 meter models. Equipped with parallel twin screw extruder, it is particularly suitable for high speed extruding.