For Sale - PCM - 2783 - PET/PA/PP Waste Reprocessing Machinery


Reference Number

PCM - 2783


PET/PA/PP Waste Reprocessing Machinery

Product Details

Based on advanced European technology, research and experience on kneading and extruding machinery, we offer PET / PA / PP Waste Reprocessing Machinery is designed and manufactured elaborately. The advantages are listed as below:
- The regenerative products are with bright colors, high purity of filtration, less destroy of molecular structure.
- Do not need any additive.
- The performance, like viscosity and molecular weight are nearly the same as raw materials.
This kind of machine can be used for chemical fiber factories to get back more profit from the waste, especially those COLOR waste fibers. If your company has a lot of PET / PA / PP waste, why not consider using our machine to save money for working process-drawing. This reprocessing line is also suitable for making pellets from PET bottle flakes. By adopting accurate and effective processing teahnics, the materials are processed while intenerating, not completely melting. Therefore, the viscousness of PET is less degraded at a relatively lower temperature and the quality is much better than those made by other machinery. Warmly welcome customers to come and test our machinery.