For Sale - PCM - 2808 - Chemically Cross-Linked PE Foam Plant


Reference Number

PCM - 2808


Chemically Cross-Linked PE Foam Plant

Product Details

Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam plat consists of compounding part, extruding part, cross linking part and winding part as final. This line is manufactured using the most advanced and innovative technologies.
The chemically cross-linked PE foam sheet is produced by roll type and is used in the field of construction, industrial, automobile, sports & leisure and so on.
The products are available in roll or sheet form, with a consistently smooth surface, in a wide range of controlled thicknessess (from as low as 3 mm upto 50 mm laminates).

Building construction:
- Heat insulation dew condensation-proof material
- Freezing-proof material for road and rail
- Protection for water-proof layer
- Sealer
- Lining material for roof, wall and floor

Industrial Application:
- Heat insulation material for refrigerator & Air conditioner
- Heat insulation for bath top
- Various kinds of insulation tubes
- Air conditioner
- Various kinds of gaskets

Packing & Packaging
- Protection cover for household electric appliance
- Protection case for lighter, watch and etc.
- Protection cover for lighter, watch and etc.
- Protection and cushioning material for glasses and foods
- Conner padding

Sports & Miscellaneous Goods
- Various kinds of mats
- Pool cover
- Gymnastic mat
- Surfboard
- Carpet underlay
- Protector

- Head Liner
- Trunk Mat
- Wheel Cover
- Seat Side Trim
- Sun-visor
- Insulation material for air conditioner
- Instrument panel

Sundry & Others:
- Carpet backing
- Advertising items
- Slipper and sun caps
- Seat cushions