For Sale - PCM - 2809 - Polythylene Foam Extrusion Line


Reference Number

PCM - 2809


Polythylene Foam Extrusion Line

Product Details

PE foam sheet extruder products qualified PE foam sheet by butane gas foaming method with several materials like surface active agent, talc master batch, pigment etc and providing the controlling system of each parts by automatic systems.
Our special new die-head and dies can make the thickness up to 20 mm directly, so closd cell polyethylene foams are formed with innumerable cells expanded by 15-40 times of low density polyethylene resins.
Building & construction:
- Protection for water-proof layer
- Sealer
- Lining material for roof, wall and floor

Industrial Application:
- Various kinds of insulation tubes
- Air conditioner
- Various kinds of gaskets

Packing & Packaging:
- Cap seal
- Protection case for lighter, watch ad etc.
- Protection cover for furniture
- Protection and cushioning material for glasses - and foods
- Corner padding

Sports & Miscellaneous goods
- Pool cover
- Life jacket
- Camping mat
- Carpet underlay
- Protector