For Sale - PCM - 2810 - Polyethylene Foam Tube-Rod-Net Extrusion Line


Reference Number

PCM - 2810


Polyethylene Foam Tube-Rod-Net Extrusion Line

Product Details

PE Foam Tube/Rod/Net Extruder produces qualified PE Foam Tube/Rod/Net Extruder by butane gas foaming method with several materials like surface active agent, talc master batch, pigment etc and providing the controlling system of each parts by automatic systems.
So closed cell polyethylene foams are formed with innumerable cells expanded by 15-40 times of low density polyethylene resins. It has been excellent results in its shock absorbing, moisture-proofing, heat insulating, chemical resistance has widely been used for industrial packaging, construction and agricultural purposes.

Screw Dia: 65 mm
Capacity: 40-60 kg/hr
Blowing Agent: Butane Gas
Density: 25-40 kgs

-Tube & Rod