For Sale - PCM - 2820 - Thermosetting Injection Moulding Machine


Reference Number

PCM - 2820


Thermosetting Injection Moulding Machine

Product Details

- Barrel heating up by circulated hot oil.
- Hi accuracy hot oil temperature controller, within 1 Degree C tolerance.
- Material heat up evenly in the barrel, avoided over burning by heat generation from friction.
- Screw with zero compression ratio, eliminated the heat generation and solidify the material.
- Lower Screw L:D ratio, eliminated the time of material staying in the barrel.
- Bi-metal screw & barrel, hard alloy nozzle, ensure the longer working life.
- Screw tip with no ring and plunger; ensure the flow of melting material.
- High quality insulator layer on the two mould platen surface, less mould heal loss, long lasting.
- Heater interfaces in the mould platens, PID temperature control on screen.
- To release the gas comes out from the material during injection, program with the function of changing clamping force for gas releasing.