For Sale - PCM - 2896 - Injection Moulding of Liquid Silicone Rubbers


Reference Number

PCM - 2896


Injection Moulding of Liquid Silicone Rubbers

Product Details

Bellows, gaskets, plug connectors, bottles - Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) is used as an injection moulding material for all of these products.

In process engineering, Liquid Injection Moulding is used to shape the hot-vulcanizing, two-component LSR mixture. The use of silicones is always of interest where there is a need for a wide range of temperatures, high weathering and chemical resistance or exceptional physiological properties. We offers specially equipped production units with adapted plasticizing units, heated moulds as well as optional dosing units, robotic systems and brush units.

Vertical machines as well as rotary table machines can also be used for processing LSR.