For Sale - PCM - 2897 - Three Layer Blown Film Plant


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PCM - 2897


Three Layer Blown Film Plant

Product Details

Our three layer plastic blown film plant with oscillating platform is suitable for manufacture of various three layer blown films in compatible combinations of polymers. This plant has specially designed screws for processing biodegradable masterbatch loaded blown films in addition to routine PE polymers as also metallocene polymers.

- Milk packaging
- Ghee packaging
- Arrack packaging
- Lamination film
- Detergent packaging
- Machine wrap stretch cling film
- Shrink-wrap film,
- Two colour film for courier envelopes
- Salt packaging
- Spices packaging
- Confectionery packaging etc.

- Number of extruders: 3
- Screw diameter / type: 65 mm diameter / barrier with distributive mixing head
- Material of screw / barrel: EN 41 B duly gas nitrided
- Screw L/D ratio: 28:1
- Main motor: 30 HP AC - 3 nos., with variable frequency drive
- Gear box: Helical with in-built bearing housing
- Hopper: 3 nos. 75 kgs. hoppers
- Temperature zones & cooling: 4 zones [3-extruder, 1-adaptor] with blower cooling for zones 2 & 3 per extruder
- Screen changer: Semi automatic resettable disc type screen changer will be provided

- Type, size & finish: 300 mm spiral type three layer die, duly diamond polished and hard chrome plated will be provided.
- Gauge range: 20 - 300 microns [*]
- Lay flat tubing width (max.): Min.800 & max. 1400 mm [*]
- Max. output/hour: 200 to 220 kgs.[*]
- Temperature zones: 3 [2 for die, 1 for crosshead]
- Gauge control: +/- 5 percent in 95 percent readings & +/- 7.5 percent in 100 percent readings across the circumference.

[*] - Dependent on material, grade, gauge, width & combination

Air ring & heat exchanger:
High quality & high output dual lip air ring made of aluminium alloys having Temperature & pressure indicator is provided with a 10 H.P. blower & a suitable heat exchanger.

Oscillating platform:
This approach towards manufacture of tubular film randomizes gauge variation across the entire film circumference to produce high quality film and sheet. This prevents telescoping and humping of rolls during winding. Thus improving acceptability and adaptability in post extrusion processes. The revolving platform is fabricated from very sturdy M.S. profiles/sections and durable aluminium chequered plates are placed on top of the platform where the complete extrusion assembly is smartly installed. A robust geared bearing on which the whole platform is mounted, is driven by an AC geared motor that helps in oscillation of the platform. Suitable climbing steps are provided.

Take-up unit:
The Take up unit is fabricated of sturdy MS profiles/sections and aluminium chequered plates having total height of 9.5 meters. Nip rollers (one rubberized and one MS hard chrome plated) of width 1500 mm are provided with pneumatic clamping arrangement. They are fitted with bearing, reduction gear and an AC motor. Aluminium idler flattening boards will be provided for scratch mark free film surface. Proper bubble cage and/or iris ring will be provided. Suitable climbing steps will be provided.

1500 mm back to back two station surface friction winder, consisting of 1 pinch rollers set, [one rubberized and one MS hard chrome plated] with pneumatic type clamping and an AC geared motor. 2 nos. Main friction rollers made of MS seamless pipe well finished & properly hard chrome plated with both main friction rollers having common AC motor. All the rollers are static balanced. Idler rollers are made out of aluminium pipes and are provided with bearings. Slitting & trimming knives with suitable brackets and trim suction blower are mounted on the winder. Four mechanical shafts suitable for ID 76 mm core on which the film/tube is wound will be provided.

Control Cabinet:
Two control cabinets will be provided with the plant as below:
- Main extrusion panel: This panel is mounted on the platform and has synchronized AC variable frequency drives with master and individual control pots for each drive of extruder main motors, 15 nos. PID temperature controllers, ammeters, thermocouples, on/off switch for each heating zone & a DOL starter for air ring blower. An on/off switch for the entire cabinet is provided.
- Web control panel: This panel is placed beside the winder for operating convenience consists of synchronized AC variable frequency drives with master and individual control pots for each drive of take-up and winder motors. Length counters (MPM) for both winding stations, DOL starter for platform rotation motor and trim blower. A solenoid valve for nip roll open and close function will be provided. An on/off switch for the entire cabinet is provided.

Total power requirement for above mentioned plant:
- Extruder motor (3 nos.): 90 HP
- Blower of air cooling ring (1 no.): 10 HP
- Blower for barrel cooling (6 nos.): 1.50 HP
- Motor for take up (1 no.): 2 HP
- Motor for winder (3 nos.): 3 HP
- Trim suction blower (1 no.): 1 HP
- Motor for rotation (1 no.): 1 HP
Total drive HP required: 108.50 HP
i.e. 81 KW (Three phases)
Heating load 80 KW (Single phase)
Total connected load: 161 KW

Required Space:
- Length x breadth x height = 10 meters x 6.5 meters x 10 meters

Spares and Tool kit:
All necessary spares and tool-kit required for the entire plant will be provided. Given below is the list for the same:

- Filter screens: 3 nos.
- Hex bolts: 2 of each
- Die bolts: 2 of each
- Thermocouples: 2 nos.

- Screw pusher: 1 no.
- Die bolt spanner: 1 no.
- Screen changer lever: 1 no.
- Allen keys of required sizes: 1 each
- Screw drivers: 2 nos

The plant will be coloured in two shades of Oil paint viz. Super white and siemens grey OR as per buyer choice.

Price: INR 34,00,000/-