For Sale - PCM - 2925 - CCV Line for Insulation with Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)


Reference Number

PCM - 2925


CCV Line for Insulation with Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE)

Product Details

Our CCV Line offers the following benefits compared to the conventional technology:
- The design and workmanship of the triple extrusion cross head combined with its capability to work with all the three extruders simultaneously results in high quality of the product with close tolerances of core layers.
- Our CCV Line can achieve higher line speed due to highly efficient system of temperature control.
- The special screw design offers the flexibility of processing different types of material while maintaining homogeneous output.
- The accumulator design provides gradual control of the line speed during change over of the conductor from one pay off unit to another, maintaining the required tension, without any jerks at various line speeds.
- The cross linking of the cable is achieved in the CCV tube in the nitrogen environment followed by cooling in either nitrogen or water. The tube lengths are designed as per the requirements of product mix desired by the customer.
- The special design of cross head offers ease of maintenance, dismantling, assembling, cleaning and tool changing for different cable sizes.