For Sale - PCM - 3004 - Upgraded Two Color Injection Molding Machine


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PCM - 3004


Upgraded Two Color Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

Model: Selex NC
This system produces a part with two different raw materials for colors in a single operation including two injection units, two stable clamp rams and all closed-loop system, which is suitable for precise molding.
This technology allows you to produce goods with precision, speed and reproducibility.
(Most suitable for parts of communication equipments and O.A)

Injection unit:
- Simultaneous molding by the method of mold-rotation in a set of mold.
- Accomplished highly precise products and reduced assembling steps of processing.
- Accomplished high precision molding with main closed-loop system and stable plasticization with proportional backpressure control.
- Easy to precise control depending on goods quality with the separation of the first and second injection control.

Hydraulic unit:
- Reproducibility and responsiveness with closed-loop system.
- Gives you energy-saving with maximized pressure and flow sensor of variable piston pump.

Clamping unit:
- Structured with straight hydraulic and two clamp rams locating on mold center suitable for stable molding.
- Widened tie-bar distance and improved platen structure with two clamp rams for the selection of wide range of molds.
- Applied speed and precise location control when mold rotates for the highly increased productivity and precise molding.