For Sale - PCM - 3206 - 3-Layer Davis Standard Co-ex Cable Coating Line


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3206


3-Layer Davis Standard Co-ex Cable Coating Line

Product Details

Used 2"-1.25"-1" - 24:1 L/D Entwistle/Davis Std. triple layer extrusion line
Consisting of:
- 2" Entwistle extruder
a. 24:1 L/D
b. 4 zone air cooled, model TFI - 2000-24 with gear pump
c. XTEK gear box
d. Gear ratio 17.4
e. Capacity 50 HP, S.F. 1.25
f. 40 HP DC motor
g. 500V
h. Conair dual auger color meter/loader
i. Temperature/drive panel with Barber Colman B.C 580 temperature controls, target 4000 dia. controls

- 1 1/4" Davis Standard vertical extruder, portable, 24:1 L/D, model DS125W, 3 zones air cooled
a. Year of manufacture: 1998
b. 5 HP DC motor, S.S. hopper, heated head clamp.
c. Temp/drive panel with 8 Eurotherm 2208 temperature controllers, Reliance FlexPak drive

- 1" Killion vertical extruder, portable, model KTS 100
a. 24:1 L/D
b. 3 zones air cooled, serial no. 18827
c. Year of manufacture: 1995
d. Heated head clamp
e. S.S. hopper, with 3 HP AC vector motor
f. Slanted temperature / drive panel with 7 Eurotherm 808 temperature controllers/Warner control tech 665 drive

- (2) 18" x 3" Boston Matthews belt caterpillars, model E-6000 VT/342 & 1079.
a. Metering (2) pullout rated 600 FPM-30 FPM.
b. Toshiba ESP-130 inverter drive on one.

- 12ft. Water trough portable with air wiper. (verify)
a. Zumback ODAC dia. gage with controls
b. Novatec 100 lb. plastic dryer, year of manufacture 1995, MCD-2001 microprocessor dryer
c. AEC portable water chiller model AMC-3
d. Microdia three layer head & single head
e. Lot pipe/tubing dies

- Price: US$ 95,000

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