For Sale - PCM - 3329 - Pilot Lamination Coating Machine


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PCM - 3329


Pilot Lamination Coating Machine

Product Details

C. Trivedi's entirely new design concept for Pilot Lamination Coating Machine:
First time in India introducing lab testing plant
- The new mini-line offered by C. Trivedi is considered very economical in investment and running costs, also very simple to operate and maintain.
- Ideal to handle small type jobs and is most suitable for lab-testing.

Salient Feature:
- Fully insulated glass wool panel of drying tunnel.
- Coating facility through gravure maybar, reverse roll, air knife three roll, doctor blade.
- Lamination with any material.
- Individual blower with heater and temperature controller.
- Unwind and rewind as per requirement.
- Up to 400 mm width.

- Variable A.C. drive.
- One and one type exhaust system surface and center winding facility web guiding system.
- Synchronized drive.
- Tension control system.

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