For Sale - PCM - 3338 - Omega H Class Extruder for TPE, WPC, LF Compounding


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PCM - 3338


Omega H Class Extruder for TPE, WPC, LF Compounding

Product Details

Omega H Class has the ability to run difficult applications such as thermo plastic elastomers and vulcanites, wood polymer compounds with PP, Long Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics. Also in high temperature or heat / shear sensitive engineering plastics with ease as a result of its enormous process capability.

- Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRTP)
- Halogen free flame retardant compounds
- Compounds of all engineering polymers: PA, PC, PEEK, PEK, PSU, PU, PES, PEI
- Nature fiber (jute) filled composites
- Bio polymers
- Impact modified PP
- Difficult to process materials and many other applications that need residence time to be as low as possible.

- Increase in volume: 25 percent over established benchmark machines
- Increase in torque ability: 25 percent over benchmark high torque machines
- Increase in wear strength: 30 percent over benchmark hardened steel with WR5 and over 200 percent with WR10
- Improvement in intake capacity: Over 200 percent with SFV, RFV over SKE / RSE elements
- Improvement in mixing and melting due to enhanced smearing, stretching and stirring effects.
- Reduction in over all residence time to less than 10 seconds as well as tightening of residence time distribution.

Transmission Section
- Main drive: Modern microprocessor based vector controlled variable speed drive with
torque control.

- Gear box: Unique gearbox designed for extremely high torque capacity that reduces
fatigue of rotating members.

Processing section:
- Materials: High performance tool steel with high wear and corrosion resistance with
enhanced break strength and fracture toughness from steer's own steel unit.

- Treatment: Steer also employs in-house heat treatment and surface engineering facility. Steer has in-house capability to conduct wear and corrosion tests and mechanical properties tests apart from sophisticated chemical characterization.

- Manufacturing: Advanced computer aided design and manufacturing using CNC facility. Materials management is using a "Toyota Production Management" system. Fool proofing of the assembly process and rigorous unit tests and final tests ensures a high quality product.

- Geometry: The entire Extruder Processing Zone (EPZ) is based on the modular design concept. All the barrels can be dis-assembled by means of the special quick clamp system. The screw shafts have been designed with split construction comprising of a safety shaft and adaptor and the "Continua" splined shaft. Continua Spline (Patent pending) avoids stress concentration in both Screw Shafts and Screw elements, thereby increasing torque carrying capacity.

Steer's patented Fractional Lobed Blocks are used for processing difficult materials.
The mixing element has multiple lobe geometry which is effective in creating uniform shear, hence intensifying the shearing effect.

Available in 30, 40 and 50 mm sizes with enhanced melting and mixing capabilities.

- Halogen free flame retardant compounds:
- Compounds of all engineering polymers: PA, PC, PEEK, PEK, PSU, PU, PES, PEI
- Impact modified PP
- Bio polymers
- Natural fiber filled materials
- And many other applications that needs residence time to be as low as possible

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