For Sale - PCM - 3398 - KTS Series - Windsor Twin Screw Pipe Extrusion Lines for PVC


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3398


KTS Series - Windsor Twin Screw Pipe Extrusion Lines for PVC

Product Details

PVC being a heat sensitive material necessitates a very controlled temperature during processing. Extrusion of PVC is best possible with closely intermeshing twin screw extruder with relatively less power as compared to single screw. Windsor twin screw extruders are known for the power optimisation and are offered in the range from 110 kg/hr up to 900 kg/hr.

- Minimizes energy inputs
- Achieves uniform pumping
- Front barrel with HSS sleeve offered for selected models
- Minimizes wear and tear
- Economic replacement option
- Japanese PID digital temperature controllers
- High accuracy of +/- 1 Degree C
- High reliability
- Hard face coating on selected models
- PLC controls as standard on select models

General applications:
- Supplying portable water for rural and urban places
- Casing and column pipes for bore well
- City sewage pipes
- Domestic plumbing
- Effluent discharge lines
- Electrical conduits
- Sprinkler irrigation system
- Inside housing telecom connections

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