For Sale - PCM - 3409 - Baron Series (Non IBC / IBC) - Five Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Lines


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3409


Baron Series (Non IBC / IBC) - Five Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Lines

Product Details

An excellent Five Layer co-extrusion Blown Film Plant with optional IBC and non IBC made in technical collaboration with Kuhne GmbH which is capable of processing Nylon and EVOH. Change over from five layer to three layer film with minimum wastage output ranging from 150 to 300 kg/hr on five layer film, 150 to 350 kg/hr on three layer film.

Salient features:
- Available in IBC as well as Non IBC
- Suitable to process Nylon or EVOH in the middle Layer
- Kuhne design spiral mandrel die head
- High performance segmented air cooling ring
- 9 point contact type motorized cage
- Barrier screw design
- Grooved feed section
- AC variable frequency drive
- Reversing haul-off
- Fully automatic winder with auto splicing and auto roll changeover

Also available on request
- Imported air cooling ring from Saturn, Canada
- Scissor type calibrating basket
- Ultrasonic sensors for IBC controls
- Liquid PIB dosing system
- PLC touch screen control for operation
- Gravimetric dosing or batch blending with yield control

Output range
- 150 to 300 kg/hr on five layer film
- 150 to 350 kg/hr on 3 layer film

General applications
- Frozen meat and fish packaging
- Edible oil packaging
- Coffee packaging
- Almond oil packaging
- Pickle packaging
- Ghee packaging
- Hair oil packaging
- Tomato catch up packaging

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