For Sale - PCM - 3429 - PET Strapping Band Making Extrusion Line


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3429


PET Strapping Band Making Extrusion Line

Product Details

Extrumac Engineers's new innovation PET strapping band making extrusion line for producing PET strap with 100 percent reclaimed polyester (waste polyester bottle flakes) as material. PET strap is a new kind of environment friendly packing material, which is used to substitute steel strap in many fields.

- Auto cycle for pre-heating, drying and loading
- Completely insulated oven with thermo regulated air
- Output range 80 to 200 kgs / hour
- Band width: 9 to 19 mm
- Precision strap band width +/- 0.5 mm
- High output with low power consumption
- Hydraulic screen changer for efficient operation

Optional equipment:
- Water chiller
- Online inkjet printer
- Tensile tester

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