For Sale - PCM - 3473 - Upto 650 kgs/hr (IBC) - Three Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Lines


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PCM - 3473


Upto 650 kgs/hr (IBC) - Three Layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Lines

Product Details

Windsor's REX is the first of its kind Multilayer Co-extrusion Blown Film Plant manufactured in India in technical collaboration with Kuhne GmbH in 1997. This IBC three layer co-extrusion blown film line works with effective Layer Ratio Concept with output of maximum 650 kg/hr and with maximum film width of 2700 mm. Fully automatic winder with auto change over of rolls, capacity 1000 mm diameter x 1000 kg weight of the film roll and maximum line speed of 150.
Range of extruders: 55mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm and 120mm.

Salient Features of REX Multilayer Lines
- Kuhne design spiral mandrel die head for effective layer ratio distribution (up to 1:4:1 on request)
- High performance segmented air cooling ring
- 9 point contact type motorized cage
- Barrier screw design
- Grooved feed section
- AC variable frequency drive
- Reversing haul-off
- Fully automatic winder with auto splicing and auto roll changeover

Also available on request:
- Imported air cooling ring from Saturn, Canada
- Scissor type calibrating basket
- Ultrasonic sensors for IBC controls and Liquid PIB dosing system
- PLC touch screen control for operation
- Gravimetric dosing or batch blending with yield control

General applications:
- Milk film
- Tea packaging
- Rice packaging
- Tomato catch up packaging
- Liquid packaging
- Oil film
- Lamination film
- Stretch cling film

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