For Sale - PCM - 3542 - Microsystem 50 - Production Cell for Micro Parts


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PCM - 3542


Microsystem 50 - Production Cell for Micro Parts

Product Details

Microsystem 50 - Production cell for micro parts:
The Battenfeld Microsystem 50 is a modular fully electric production cell for parts with part weights as low as single-digit milligrams.

The Microsystem 50 consists of the following modules:
- Camping module
- Injection module
- Swivel module
- Removal and handling module (option)
- Tray module (option)
- Clean room module (option)
- Quality monitoring module (option)
- UNILOG B4 control system
- Optional extension modules for PIM, special screws, etc.

Clamping unit:
The stable design of the Microsystem 50 clamping unit guarantees an exact, platen parallel mold guidance. Particular attention has been paid to sensitive mold safety.

Major advantages:
- High productivity through parallel movements, e.g. injection and ejection
- Each micro part is kept true-to-size and stacked separately according to cavities
- Blister reels or trays protect the micro parts from contamination and transportation damage
- Closed clean room production cell

Injection unit:
The Microsystem 50 injection module ensures a stable production process with minimum shot weights. Thus, sprues and cycle times are reduced significantly.

Outstanding features:
- Highly precise dynamic head pressure-controlled pre-dosing
- Piston injection by means of 5 mm pistons up to the split line guarantees short flow paths with the lowest loss of pressure
- Extremely short cycle times with a dry cycle of around 1.5 sec through combination of fast servo drives and mechanics
- Injection of unplasticized particles is prevented by thermally homogeneous processing

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