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PCM - 3548


Laboratory Mixer

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A Radhekrishna Extrusions has introduced laboratory mixers with latest technologies for various applications and testing of R & D Labs.

Salient Features of Laboratory Mixer:
- Stainless steel jacketed mixing vessel with 5 liter and 10 liter capacity. Mixing vessel is corrosion resistance and inside jacket made from SS-304 and gloss polished.
- The bottom curvature of vessel gives VORTEX formation, which results into homogeneous and free flowing dry blends.
- The mixing tool is made of SS-304 with wear resistant coating.
- The mixing tool driven by AC Motor controlled by AC variable frequency drive.
- The tool speed can be varied as per process requirement.
- Flow deflector is provided from the lid for optimum setting of mixing process.
- Specially design pneumaseal system at the bottom portion of vessel to avoid material infiltration to bearing.
- The control panel is consists of programmable controls. The panel is attached with main machine frame to ease of operation.
- Lightweight, sturdy and portable base frame mounted on four self-locking caster wheel.

Master batch mixer:
The master batch mixers are made by using state-of-the-art technologies to fulfill the specific need of master batch processors.

Salient Features of Master Batch Mixer
1) Stainless steel mixing vessel
- Corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance

2) Vessel and discharge plate high gloss polished on the inside; discharge plate matches bottom dish
- No deposits, crusts or pockets of colour
- Rapid and complete discharge of the mixed material
- Easy and perfect cleaning

3) Mixing tools (type and profile) specifically developed for heat sensitive mixtures, such as, for example, master batch
- Made from stainless steel, thoroughly hardened and buffed
- Homogeneous mixtures
- Perfect dispersion of the components
- Granular, pourable, dust-free and product
- Short mixing times, high throughputs

4) Pneumaseal housing design
- Avoids material infiltration to bearings

5) Freely programmable controls
- Optimum adaptability to process technology requirement

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