For Sale - PCM - 3714 - Single Screw Extruder Plant


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PCM - 3714


Single Screw Extruder Plant

Product Details

We offer a single screw extruder plant which is mainly used for controlling, staking, gripping and sizing of PVC, HDPE pipes and profiles. The extrusion process is smoothly carried out by using extruder technology. Available in different specification, the plant meets the requirement international quality standard. Our range includes screw extruder plant, cooling unit, cutting saw, die head, single screw extruder plant, PVC pipe extruder plant, HDPE pipe extruder plant, PVC profile extruder plant, cater puller, tipping chute and high speed mixer.

We offer single screw extruder plant for PVC pipe, profile and HDPE pipe. This plant has grooved feed (for HDPE pipe and PPR pipe) along with smooth-bore single screw extruder technology. This ensures highly optimized extrusion process. It also has a single thread screw for the wood pattern PVC profile.

Our PVC pipe extrusion line is offered in various models having different values of minimum, maximum pipe OD (mm), max plasticizing capacity (kg/hr) and screw speed variation (rpm).

Salient Features:
- Barrier design (Double thread) Screw for PVC Pipe for consistent melt homogeneity, excellent process control and stability for uncompromising end-product quality.
- Broad range of extruders with screw diameters from 20mm to 150mm
- Designed to process all pelletized materials, including HDPE, PP, PVC, and others.
- Output rate for polyolefins up to 450 Kg/hr.

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