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PPR Pipe Production Line

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PPR Pipe Production Line:
Hindustan Plastics present PPR Pipe Production Line which is used for fabricating PPP pipes. The adhesions of PPP pipes are firm and do not affect the inner diameter. In the three layer PPR pipe, the inner layer is anti bacterial and the outer layer in UV (ultra Violet) rays resistant layer. It does not absorb water, therefore may be safely used in hot temperatures and humid climates.

Our PPR Pipe Production Line that produces a high quality water supply pipe which is used in construction. The heat conduction of this pipe is lower than galvanized steel pipe that is 0.23 - 0.24W / mk at 20 Degree C. It endures to heat and high climatic temperatures hence reserves its original form, flexibility and chemical properties. The machine is mainly used for producing pipe from raw material PPR resin. It is also suitable for producing pipes of material such as PP, PPB, PPH resin.

Advantages of PPR pipe:
- It is lightweight: Density is 0.89 - 0.92 g / cm3, only 1/9 of steel pipe, therefore easy to transport and install.
- Fine anti - heat performance: It is resistant to extreme heat/cold and will not deform or give in between -20 Degree C to +95 Degree C environmental temperatures.
- It is resistant to corrosion, does not rust, decay or erode.
- Firm pipe fittings connection: Because polypropylene has fine thermal casting performance, thermal casting between the pipe and pipe fittings with the same material as a integration, it can prevent water from leaking.
- The friction correlation is very low, the surface is clean and smooth and will not hold other particles to fill in cavities.
- Reasonable Price: The price of PP - R pipe is near to that of galvanized pipe. The adhesion is very simple and easy by fusto- therm welding.
- It is resistant to long term hot water transmission and under normal environmental conditions it endures operational heat 70 Degree C - 95 Degree C.

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