For Sale - PCM - 3951 - R-PET/ A-PET/PET G/PLA Sheet Extrusion Plant


Reference Numbers

PCM - 3951


R-PET/ A-PET/PET G/PLA Sheet Extrusion Plant

Product Details

PET is used widely in plastics processing field because it has good transparency, neutral in taste, high impact resistance, easy recyclables, and many other excellent process friendly properties.

Usually PET sheet extrusion line have up to three layer and 2 or 3 extruders. While the centre layer of such products can contain a high percentage of recycled material, the outer layer consists of virgin resins combined with slip additives. Combinations can be PET G/ A-PET / PET G, APET / RPET / APET. The PET lines are available with Inclined / horizontal calendars.

- PET - thermoforming sheets, Blister packaging films, folded packaging, Lamination for Form fill seal (FFS), Value added packaging, Labels and decals, Toy box, Stationery cases, Tools & hardware packaging
- PLA's packing material in microwave ovens
- For Cosmetics, Medicine, Stationary, Alcohols food packaging
- PLA can be used in rigid packaging of Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs, Cooked food, Roast foods, Biscuits, and Sandwiches & Fresh flowers
- Fold Forming, Under collar, File folder document cover, Credit cards, Medical equipments

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