For Sale - PCM - 4064 -


Reference Number

PCM - 4064


Product Details

- 75mm extruder having screw and barrel made out from EN 41 B alloy steel barrel gas nitride and screw chrome plated with heavy duty inbuilt thrust bearing with helical gear box driven by 30 HP AC motor and barrel with 3 zone temperature control with all required heaters. Three cooling blower will be provided for control heat of barrel. (Heating load on barrel approx 18.5 Kw.)

- One set of pipe die mandrel & pressure seizer with the plat

Vacuum Tank With Vacum Pump:
- Vacuum chamber fabricated from heavy M.S. plate joined with S.S.sheet fabricated cooling tank with easy forward reverse slide & up down height adjustment.

Hot Embossing Unit
- To emboss brand name, size & length on pipe

Winder Unit
Heavy duty bearing mounted, heavy duty channel fabricated.

Take off:
- Cater pillar take off unit with 6" width belt type cater pillar driven by reduction gear and 3 HP AC Motor.

- One manual cutter will be provided driven by 1 HP motor.

Panel Board:
- One six digital micro processor base PID temperature controller indicator with
software linearization with 'A' meter, MCB & other electrical outfits.

A.c frequency drive:
- 30 HP for Main Motor and 3 HP for Take off Unit. Main switch for complete Panel board. All ac frequency drive synchronic by one master control.

- Production Capacity: 55 to 75 Kgs / per hours(depending upon dimension the profile/pipe.& material of grade.
- Size to be manufactured: HDPE PIPE 40 MM TO 200 MM.
- Power required: 55 HP (approx.)
- Material: H D P E.
- Space require: 80'L * 20' (Approx)

3) Jockey Extruder:

- One jockey extruder suitable for lining on HDPE pipe extruder 25 mm with
screw, barrel, helical gear box driven by 2 HP AC Motor.

Panel: 2 Zone digital temretur controller will be provide.

Die: One die head with die suitable for lining on HDPE Pipe