For Sale - PCM - 4161 - Compact Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder


Reference Numbers

PCM - 4161


Compact Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Product Details

- Our Compact Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder is versatile small batch production prototyping tool.
- Its design is based on many years of continuous improvements of twin screw extruders and the latest 3D design software.

- The optimization of resulted in a more compact, durable and highly efficient design that is very easy to operate.
- It is designed with product development, small batch research and production, and educational institutes in mind.
- The internal cooling water channel with high power Al or Cu heating elements has been proven to provide excellent thermal transfer, precise temperature control and be energy efficient.
- Extruder has vacuum degassing and ventilation functions which are identical to the larger full production models.
- The screw threads also designed to match the high output of the full production models.
- This compatibility allows for the direct transfer of the experimental parameters to full production models without conversion factors involved.
- Furthermore, the system is also capable of remote control and includes an Ethernet network and communication function via the Internet to allow for central remote control or communicating with other peripheral devices.
- All series extruders meet or exceed CE and international safety standards.
- We can also design a custom line for meeting your specifications.

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