For Sale - PCM - 4272 - Twin Screw Extrusion Plant for PVC Pipe


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PCM - 4272


Twin Screw Extrusion Plant for PVC Pipe

Product Details

Twin Screw Extrusion Plant for PVC Pipe, Profile Door Panels, Door Frames and Partition Etc.

Twin Screw Extruder
- Counter rotating parallel Screws with internal cooling / fluid filled and barrel made from alloy steel (EN-41B) and Nitride hardened by gas nitride process and or hard chrome plating after Nitride.
- Stainless steel hopper for smooth material flow with motorized Crammer feeder.
- Compact and reliable energy efficient helical gear box.
- Reputed and brand AC motor and AC variable speed drive for extruder motor.
- Temperature control panel with Electronics digital PID temperature controller with Ampere Meters, rotary switches.
- Contactors, MCBS and thermo Couple for each zone of extruder and die head.
- Controls for other motors also provided.
- Cost efficient & quality plant with reasonable price and lowest running cost per kg output of finished products.

Die head
- Made from alloy steel and melt flow path surfaces will be highly polished and hard chrome plated.
- Suitable for wide range of thickness.
- Thickness can be changed by changing pin of the die.
- Designed for smooth melt Flow and low Melt
- Trolley stand for Die heads with dies above 200 mm diameter pipe.

Vacuum Chamber (Calibrator) and water cooling bath unit
- Fabricated From heavy sheet with anti corrosive coating.
- Vacuum pump connections and pressure gauge.
- Water shower nozzles provided throughout the unit.
- Height adjustment and linear movement facility
- Axial adjustment of unit on slide rails with locking arrangement.
- Water level control and drain.
- Accurate vacuum control.

Cater pillar (Haul off unit / traction unit)
- Specially designed rubber pulling belts-Twin and multi track system.
- Driven by one AC motor coupled with reduction gearbox.
- Cater pillar with individual drive for each belt also available.
- Line speed range of 0.375 to 7.5 m/min. and up to 16 to 20 m/min.
- Opening range 10 mm to 250 mm and 30 mm to 350 between the belt is adjusted manually AC variable speed drive in control panel.
- Synchronism scheme with extruder motor.

Optional: Belt up down movement and grip pressure by hydraulic cylinder for slipless pulling is also available.

Fully automatic pipe cutter
- Plunger type and planetary type.
- Long life cutter for smooth and clean cut.
- Adjustable pneumatic clamping force for different thickness of pipes.
- Movement through pneumatic cylinder for smooth operation.
- Optional Chamfering facility for planetary cutter.
- Available for pipes upto 400 mm diameter pipe.

Pipe tilting unit
- Automatic pneumatic operated pipe tilting and sticking unit.