For Sale - PCM - 4375 - Flat Dripper Pipe Production Line


Reference Number

PCM - 4375


Flat Dripper Pipe Production Line

Product Details

Pipe specification: WB-PE
Diameter: Ø12; Ø16; Ø20
Wall thickness: 0.2-0.4 mm; 0.2-0.9 mm; 0.2-0.6 mm
Speed: Max.150 m/min(0.2 mm wall thickness),
Optimization speed: 100-120 m/min, material should be special for irrigation pipe when the wall thickness is 0.2 mm.
The speed will be 40 m/min, when to produce the pipe of 16 mm diameter and wall thickness is 0.9 mm.
Dripper embedded rate: 500-600 pcs (Max)
Height of central line: 1000 mm
Machine Color: white, black and blue (except stainless steel)
Pipe length: 500 m, 1000 m, 2500 m/coil
Working vacuum pressure: -0.001 ~ -0.002Kpa
Total installed power: 150kW
Length of the line: 40 m
Weight: 7 Ton


Detailed technical information
- Flat Dripper selection and conveyance and embed unit: one set
Overall dimension: 950 × 1750 × 1250 mm
Dripper automatic identifying unit
Working room: Ø600 mm*2
Working method: Centrifugal
Identifying speed: 600 pcs/min
Control method: Automatic
Array method: Compress air
Filtration room: To select correct position dripper, and identify correct dripper and remove the incorrect-position dripper and send the dripper at high speed to core rod by belt conveyance unit, then it is welded on inner wall of the extruded pipe by core rod

- Single screw extruder SJ75/32: one set
Screw diameter: 75
L/D: 32:1
Motor: 75kW
Output: 200-220kg/h
Heating: 24kW, 7 zones
Material of screw: 38CrMoAlA, nitriding and furbishing treatment. hardness of screw surface: HV 850-950
Material of barrel: 38CrMoAlA, nitriding and furbishing treatment. hardness of screw surface: HV 950-1050
Die:Spiral structure, ensure the melt flow and uniform wall thickness
Melt pressure: one die

- Spider die: one set
Pipe diameter: Ø12- Ø20 mm
Wall thickness: 0.2-0.9 mm(Ø16 mm)
Heating power: 3kW
Max. Temperature: 315 C

- Automatic loader and mixer: one set
The loader is to load the material automatically
The mixer is to mix several kinds of material uniform

- Vacuum calibration and water cooling bath: one set
It includes calibration sleeve, water circulation system, chiller, heater and water filtration unit
Calibration method: Vacuum
Calibration unit: It can be adjusted at 3-Direction to ensure the mandrel is at one central line with calibration sleeve.
Material of bath: Stainless steel
Overall dimension: 4 m*0.6 m
Water pump: GP-125, diameter: Ø25
Vacuum pump
Min. suction pressure: > 80 mbar
Max. Exhausting pressure: 1100 mbar
Max. pressure difference of compressor: 400 mbar
Max. pressure of pump: 8 bar
Max. allowed water suction: 0.50 m3/h
Forward and backward: 400 mm
Cooling water: With heater and chiller and water filtration unit, the temperature can be adjusted automatically. It has complete circulation pump, pipeline and control system. Filtration is closed loop system as die calibration

- Water cooling bath: one set
Pipe diameter: Ø12- Ø20 mm
Water circulation: closed
Length:12000 mm
Referenced water temperature: 45 C
All the parts touch water is made from stainless steel.
The height of water bath can be adjusted

- Compressed air unit: one set
Includes air storage tank, filtration unit

- Punching unit: one set
This unit latest model of automatic tracking punching unit, its speed can be set freely and the punching unit can adjust the hole position automatically to ensure the hole position correct
This unit can punch circular holes and buried dropping pipe, and punching knife can be changed freely.
Punching speed: 900 pcs/min, this system is of unique technology and can be limited by speed, so it has high speed and stable performance

- Belt haul-off unit: one set
Type: controllable twin rubber belt haul-off unit
Belt length: 580 mm
Belt width: 70 mm
Min. pipe diameter: 10 mm
Speed: 0-200 m/min
Motor: 2.2kW, AC servo motor ensure the haul-off unit stable
Max. pulling force: 500N, 200 m/min

- Automatic winder: one set
Special design for dripper pipe, the empty coil will run when the setting length is reached and the arrangement unit will move the pipe from the one to another, then to wind the pipe continuously and cut it off automatically to ensure the work is non-stop. The wall thickness of pipe is thicker than 0.6 mm, it should be cut by hand.
Coil outer diameter: Min.500 mm, Max. 900 mm
Coil inner diameter: 135 mm-315 mm
Motor: 2.2kW, AC servo motor
Coil width: 200-300 mm
Winding speed: 200 m/min

- Computer control system: one set
This system consists follows parts
Human-Machinery Interface
9" colorful touch screen
Touching screen, all the parameters can be set on it
Failure display including alert
Simulation technology flow and touch the flow position and get the data
Central controller with programmable software, input and output block and power supply unit
This unit can watch the situation of the machine running, so it can avoid wrong operation and easy to modify the program
Driving cabinet: With the driver for motor
The central controller what includes programmable software, input and output block and power supply unit
Control cabinet: Servo driving
Setting function
Pre-heating and protection
All the parameters can be set on control keyboard and can displayed on screen, when push the OK button, the machine can reach that parameters from lower to high including the speed, wall thickness, dripper distance and temperature and pressure
Dripper distance
Die pressure
Wall thickness
Alert function
It will alert with one coil is finished, dripper lost,etc
Main machine function
setting speed, meter as unit, the range is 20-150 m, other equipment speed can be adjusted automatically
Dripper conveyance: 300 mm, 400 m, 500 mm, 1000 mm
Wall thickness: 0.2-0.9 mm (Ø16 mm)
Counting function
Setting each equipment's speed to synchronize with whole line
Failure detection and alert
Remote control function, we have special monitor and control room in our company to monitor, test and modify the parameters for each machine what is in customer's factory.

- Dripper mould specification:
Dripper mould 1.6 litre mould (36 X 9.5 X 3.4 mm), 48 cavities.
Material:Quenched steel 8407 from ASSAB.
Mould life: Over 200 million strokes.
Precision: The injection parts are in accordance with the standard of National A grade products.
The temperature controller and hot runner system are from Turkey.

- 190 T INTERTECH Plastic Injection Machine AMB190H 2004/11 Model
Screw diameter 45mm
HIPS 350g
High speed - 6sec/cyc
Automatic Loader
Drying Unit
One pcs. Colon for spare part
High Technic hydrolic system
High speed open and close plate system
High speed material closing system
Hot runner control panel