For Sale - PCM - 4390 - Multilayer Blown Film Line


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PCM - 4390


Multilayer Blown Film Line

Product Details

Multilayer Blown Film Line

We offer a diverse range of customized 2/3 Layer Blown Film Machines to suit a customer's specific requirement.

Our most appreciated Multilayer Blown Film Machines are available with outputs ranging from 70 kgs/hr. to 500 kgs./hr. and lay-flat widths ranging from 100 mm to 2000 mm for processing polymers as LD, LLD, HDPE, PP

Multilayer Blown Film Machines incorporate advanced features like grooved feed barrel.
- Barrier screw, dosing system, Liquid PIB dosing system, manual as well as automatic screen changer, Rotating Die / platform/ Haul-off Unit, internal bubble cooling, automatic bubble cage, online thickness monitoring and control, 2/4 station surface and center winders, Auto Tension Control, Corona Treaters etc. for longer life, higher productivity and better quality.

Applications of film
- Garbage Bags
- Carry Bags
- Shopping Bags
- Linears
- Construction Film
- Green House Film
- Milk Packaging

Outstanding Output
- Film with Higher Resistance
- Multilayer layer Film
- Minimum Power consumption

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