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PCM - 4393


Injection Moulding Machine EProfit Series
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Product Details

- eProfit series machine is characterized by
a.Its driven by the most energy efficient servo mechanism resulting in highest energy savings, consistent, repeatable & smoother machine performance
b.About 20 to 60% energy saving compared to conventional hydraulic machine

- Clamping
a.Sturdy and optimised five-point double toggle system, known for its quick mould open and close movements along with its good mould safety characteristics; is one of the most preferred clamping mechanism in the world
b.Sturdy and optimised platen design
c.Hard chrome plated, high tensile steel tie bards
d.Stress-relieved sturdy machine base frame
e.Closing and opening speeds, pressures and positions independently settable. Each programmable in 05 stages
f.Linear position transducer for accurante clamp position control
g.Auto-lubrication with grease, based on number of clamp cycles
h.Self-lubricating bushes for toggle mechanism
i.Automatic, motorized mould height adjustment sensed through proximity switch

- Ejector
a.Central hydraulic ejector with multiple stroke feature. Speed, pressure and position independently settable in both directions.
b.Lienar position transducer for accurate ejector position control
c.Ejectror forward speed and pressure programmable in two stages

- Injection
a.Wide choice of injection unit with A/B/C screw/barrel combinations
b.Fitted with nitrided screw and nitrided barrel, non-return valve and barrel closure assembly with open nozzle suitable for various thermoplastics
c.Injection speed and pressure profile programmable in 06, position dependant stages
d.Follow up/hold on pressure profile programmable in 05, time dependant stages
e.Strong & balanced twin cylinder injection unit distributes the load/pressure equally along the screw centerline
f.High torque, low speed direct hydraulic screw drive
g.Proved screw geometry for optimum plasticizing capacities with excellent melt hoogeneity
h.Switch over from fill to pack based on position or time
i.Linear position transducer for accurate injection position control

-Temperature control
a.4/5 self-optimizing temperature control zones/circuits for the barrel and nozzle flange heating system
b.PID controlled barrel heater bands, with solid state relays and fast blowing semi conductor fuses for barrel heating system

- Controls
a.Intelligent operator-machine interface with large, TFT, multi-colour display with alpha numeric keyboard
b.Actual position measuring/indicating system for moving platen, screw travel and ejector
c.Overview screeen with live display of machine operations
d.Continuous process control via monitoring of important process parameters with selectable tolerance band
e.Data storage on USB
f.Internal storage of upto 200 sets of mould data
g.Important parameters as well as hourly production data monitoring
h.Built-in Energy management with live display of voltage, current & energy

- Hydraulics
a.Highly energy efficient hydraulic drive system with gear and pump and servo motor
b.Ergonomically designed easy to access and easy to service hydraulic circuit layout
c.Fast responding hydraulic door safety interlock

- General
a.Ergonomically designed machine covers and doors for safety, with elegant asthetics
b.Flexible machine support with anti-vibration pads
c.Set of electrical output - single phase (1X16A) and three phase (1X32A) sockets

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