For Sale - PCM - 4679 - A5 Standard Series High-End Servo Injection Molding Machine


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PCM - 4679


A5 Standard Series High-End Servo Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

Yizumi are comprehensively unveiling different models of the injection molding machine to cater specifically to the varied needs of the global markets.

Clamping Unit:-

Highly solid, reliable and durable
Platens of the machines in A5 series are highly-rigid so that the rigidity of the clamping unit is up by 30%. The uniform stress molding technology and high-rigidity T-slot platen design can protect the platens and molds and increase the lifespan of platens. Special anti-tilt platen support design and low pressure mold protection can effectively protect the mold. Forced ejector reset enables the molds to be more applicable.

Injection Unit:-

Precise and stable with superior effect of plasticizing
Optimized design of injection unit increases the rigidity, ensures coaxiality of the forces on motion and injection and reduces the resistance. High-efficiency mixing screw is standard on the whole series of machine, considerably increasing the plasticizing efficiency and quality and achieving outstanding color mixing effect.

Hydraulic System:-

Energy saving, high efficiency and low noise
In regards to the optimization of the servo system, it redefines more superior configuration. Assembled with renowned specialized motor, imported high-pressure gear pump and Inovance servo driving device, the third generation servo system can realize low noise, strong power and fast response.

Wide Scope of Application:-

With larger specifications and parameters, stronger power engine and much faster response speed, the end-users can achieve a broader scope of processing, substantially lowering the recurring investment costs.

Highly Precise and Stable:-

The comprehensive structure optimization of the injection machine ensures the precision and stability.


The user-friendly interface between human and machine, and the integration of large volume of commonly used function-related software make handy execution of operability and maintainability, offering the end-users more freedom and comfort in their operation.

Reliable and Durable:-

The whole machine is integrated with reinforced strength. It uses uniform stress compression molding technology, resulting in a more stable machine operation. In addition to its superior reliability, it is also very durable.

High Efficiency and Energy-Saving:-

Embedded with the third generation of servo system, the whole machine operation has very low noise production, while its engine is strong and its response is also very speedy.