For Sale - PCM - 4691 - C Series High-End Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine


Reference Numbers

PCM - 4691


C Series High-End Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine

Product Details

Yizumi are comprehensively unveiling different models of the injection molding machine to cater specifically to the varied needs of the global markets.

Balanced force clamping technology:-
Longer mold life, easily-adjustable processes, minimized possible flashes, high molding accuracy and stability

Digital closed-loop positioning technology:-
Quick response, accurate positioning and more stable production

Magnetically levitated turntable:-
Non-contact rotation with less frictional loss and more stable movements

Low-inertia precision injection unit:-
Further enhanced injection accuracy thanks to the use of low-inertia moving parts, optimum non-stick plasticizing screw and accurate temperature control

Modular custom design:-
Individual modular testing, high quality consistency, multiple types of injection unit available for quick and flexible combination