For Sale - PCM - 905 - Injection Moulding upto 50 Tons


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PCM - 905


Injection Moulding upto 50 Tons

Product Details

Model:- PAM 50

Locking Unit

Clamping Force:-50Ton

Ejector Stroke:-110mm

Ejector Force:-2.75Ton

Mould Plate Size:-500x525mm

Distance between Tie Bars:-350x350mm

Max Day Ligh:-600mm

Mould Opening Stroke:-400mm

Min Mould Height:-200mm

Injection Unit

Injection Rate:-104/142cc/sec.

Screw Dia:-30/55mm

Storke Volume:-100/135cc

Shot Weight:-90/121gms

Plasticising capacity:-30/40kg/hr

No. of Heating Zones:-4 nos.

Heating Capacity:-7.0kW

Injection Pressure:-1800/1322 bar

Nozzle Contract Force:-4Ton

Screw Storke:-150mm

Screw speed (Max):-290rpm

L/D Ratio:-20:18


Pump Drive:-5.6kW

Total Connected Power:-12.6kW

Injection Unit:-
* Precision parts and integration tunned with advance processor based controller.

* Refill speed in three Stages.

* Such back function before and after refilling.

* Hold-on pressure profile in three stages.

* Injection speed profile in five stages.

* Swivelling of injection unit possible manually.

* Suck back along with speed and pressure control.

* Desired screw position acquired with precise linear transducer.

Clamping Unit:-

* Mould open/close speed in four stages.

* Mould safety at low pressure.

* Programmable hydraulic ejector with selection of multiple stroke.

* Mould stroke guided by linear transducer.

* Clamping force guided by pressure transducers.

* Tapped holes on mould plates for convenience in mould mounting.


* Fixed displacement double pump or Variable Volume position pump(optional).


* Latest of it's kind.

* Each data is checked for minimum, maximum values during data entry.

* Adaptive PID Temp. control for all zones using digital outputs.

* Heaters outputs can be programmed as proportional or on/off..

* Mould open/close, Injection/Refill/Suckback, Ejectior, Cores and Air.

* Option of limit switch or scale position for Ejectors operations.

* Pre-suckback & Post-suckback are provided.

* Calibration of all analog inputs are done through digital settings.

* Cores can be operated independently in 6 different modes.

* Carriage can be operated either as fixed or as moving.

* Bad piece detection is Provided with 3 sigma limits.

* 4-level password facility is provided.

Displayed Function:-

* Production count for Hour and shift.

* Hourly Production Histroy for last One Month.

* Individual Stage Timing History for Lasrt 10 Cycle.

* Alarm History for Last 128 Alarms.

* Temperature Control Graphs for all zones.

* Mould/Injection/Refill Speed Graphs for last shot.