Required - PCM - 1723 - Extrusion Machine for PET Monofilament Yarn


Reference Number

PCM - 1723


Extrusion Machine for PET Monofilament Yarn

Product Details

Required Extrusion Machines that can Extrude PET Monofilament Yarn.
>1)The machine should be capable of extruding monofilament made of PET, PBT, PET / PBT mix
>2)The machine should be able to make filaments both from the recycle material as well as the virgin chipps
>3)The production capacity should be about 40 kgs to 50 kgs per hours
>4)It should be able to produce both the solid and the hollow filament from the same machine just by changing the die. No other changes in the machine should be required.
>5)The diameter required is between 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm

6) Major Application: Filaments are to be used for manufacturing paint brushes

7) We also solicit offers for suitable dies from Die Manufacturers

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