For Sale - SRP - 4871 - Twin & Single Screw Barrels


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SRP - 4871


Twin & Single Screw Barrels

Product Details

Innovent India Engineers Screw & Barrels are used in a number of applications such as plastic extrusion lines, blow molding machineries, injection molding plant, rubber molding plant and other specialized plant related to plastic processing machinery.
Mentioned industries have large consumptions of Twin screw barrels and we are ready to match the demand with supply of best quality barrels in the market.

Our Services:
We are also providing various services as bellow:
BTA Deep Hole Drilling
Gun Drilling
Deep Hole Boring
Deep Hole Honing
CNC Turning

Our Services & Products Applications:
Plastic Processing Machinery
Rubber Processing Machinery
Blown Film Machine
Plastic Molding Machine
Plastic Recycling Machine
Non-Woven Fabric Making Machine
Chemical Processing, Transport And Storage
Pipes For Production And Transportation Of Oil And Gas
Oil And Gas Exploration And Offshore Rigs
Oil And Gas Refining
Marine Environments
Pollution Control Equipment
Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
Chemical Process Plant
Structural And Mechanical Components
Heat Exchangers & Cooling Pipes
Food Processing Machinery
Cable Wire Machinery

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