For Sale - PCM - 4698 - Barrier Pre-Customised 5 / 7 Layer Line & 5 Layer POD Line


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PCM - 4698


Barrier Pre-Customised 5 / 7 Layer Line & 5 Layer POD Line

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Extruders For All Blown Film Applications
The challenge for blown film extruder is to deliver constant torque in a given dynamic situation. MES uses the latest
AC vector flux close loop technology along with rugged design Gearboxes to meet this challenge. The customised
screws with plain barrel, ceramic finned heaters and high efficiency blowers help in getting best possible quality
melt at lowest possible temperature for better quality film at higher outputs.
Feed Screw :
MES specifically selects each screw to match a particular process to provide high extrudate quality at optimum
throughput rates.
3 Lower melt temperature increases system throughput rate and provides less thermal degradation
3 Melt Channel Screws provide balanced feed and melting rates
3 The melt channels are sized to flush easily
3 It can deliver high throughput without increase in energy consumption for lower operating costs
3 Improved dispersive and distributive mixing permits a wide blending range
Control :
3 Barrel temperature zones are regulated by a microprocessor-based controllers for accurate temperature control
3 Full PID programs and alarms
3 Available supervisory control packages include remotely programmable and fully integrated line control systems
Gear Boxes :
3 Rugged design gearboxes provide horsepower and torque ratings that surpass the usual standards
3 Hardened and precision-ground gears feature a helical design to ensure years of nonstop production
3 Integrally-mounted thrust bearing assures precise alignment to ensure that the bearing achieves
a long working life
Drives :
3 AC vector flux closed loop drives provide optimum energy efficiency
and precise control

The right selection of width of the post extrusion equipment of the Blown Film Line will take care of matching
widths of converting equipment like Printing, Lamination, Slitting, Bagging / Pouching machines etc.
The quality of film roll will decide the success of end products.
Surface Winders
Distinguishing Features :
3 Fully automatic roll change over
3 Variable surface pressure between the wound roll and the drum allows roll hardness to be precisely controlled
3 Full width, knife guard, incorporating safety interlocks with the cut off knife
3 Digital Length counter for warning
3 Cut over sequence monitored through a PLC
3 Full emergency stop system
3 Longer Guide Beds to unload wound roll
Optional Features :
3 Static Eliminator bar
3 Taper Tension controls
3 Full- roll unloading allows roll to be
lowered to floor level hydraulically
3 Trim re-winder unit
3 Hoist for empty air shaft loading

The flatness of the film rolls will be decided by the quality of gauge randomization.
Haul Offs - Vertical & Horizontal
MES offers two choices for Haul Offs - Vertical or Horizontal type for gauge randomization each having their own
Vertical Oscillating Haul Off :
Provides the provision to make film path vertical through
set of turn bars & idler rollers mounted on platform for full
360º oscillation for uniform gauge distribution & excellent
roll geometry.
Distinguishing Features :
3 Gauge randomisation at fixed tension between primary nip
and additional discharge nip helps to handle thin,
stretchable and tacky film
3 Perfectly flattened films through full 360º oscillation
3 Excellent roll geometry
Horizontal Oscillating Haul Off :
Keeps the film path horizontal & achieves differential
oscillation of set of turn bars to complete the gauge
randomization process.
Distinguishing Features :
3 Gauge randomization by turning the film at
0º to 180º in both directions to achieve full
360º Oscillation
3 Economical system as compared to Vertical
Oscillating Haul Off
3 Compact system

For best in class assured lowest film thickness variations.
Spiral Mandrel Dies
Our Die Heads are characterised by selection of the right quality steels with
in house computer aided machining with due attention given at each stage
of die manufacturing, to ensure production of high quality films with tight
gauge tolerances, right gloss and desired mechanical properties.
Distinguishing Features :
Customised die design as per applications
3 Manufactured from AISI 4340 Alloy Machine Steel
3 The Taper Lock Body & Mandrel Assembly Design ensures excellent
concentricity between the spiral mandrels and the die body
3 Streamlined Polymer Flow having No Stagnation and Dead Points
3 Capability to handle Critical Layer Ratios
3 Separate inner & outer lip temperature controls to avoid melt fractures
Stackable Co-extrusion Dies
The co-extrusion stack die offers most modular and versatile die design to
allow processors to harness the characteristics of a wide range of resins to
make structures with the required properties.
Distinguishing Features :
3 Temperature isolation between layers
3 Streamlined melt distribution
3 Easy upgrades due to modular design

Cooling Systems
Once die size is decided we have to
match the cooling capacity available with
combination of Air Ring & IBC.
The Eliminator Air Ring
The air ring technology for the cooling of polymers at
its exit and its orientation area to achieve targets for
gauge uniformity, out put and physical properties of
blown film.
Method of Operation :
3 The primary orifice does pre-cooling
3 The secondary orifice has dual functions
3 Creates a powerful Venturi effect that draws the
partially cooled bubble radially outwards to the tip
of the forming cone
3 This will thin the melt to improve the thermal
conductivity as well as provide the main cooling
effects by means of its high velocity
3 The Eliminator’s collar provides additional bubble
support and increases the cooling efficiency, by
simply adjusting the three rows of holes and collar
height, the operator can fine tune and lock in the
bubble shape

4 +1 Pancake IBC System Offers Film Processors Maximum
Internal Bubble Cooling While Maintaining Ease Of
4+1 Pancake IBC System
Method of Operation :
4+1 Pancake IBC System Air Flow adjustments through Five Pancakes
maximizes systems efficiency. This system has FIVE independently adjustable
orifices :
3 The lower orifice pre-cools and stabilizes weak melt as soon as the polymer
exits the Die
3 The adjustable air flow through each set of the other FOUR pancakes
allows for a gradual increase in air velocity for maximum heat transfer
3 The air flow regulator plate acts as a by-pass valve allowing overall air
exchange rate while maintaining optimum velocity through each pancake
3 A supervisory microprocessor based control system uses ultrasonic non
contact sensors to sense the bubble position related to the bubble cage
and adjust the flow of cooling air or / and the hot exhaust air in order to
maintain the proper bubble size
3 Two separate blowers provide the air into and out of the bubble

In today’s competitive environment the line configuration
is not complete without much needed automation.
Automations for Enhanced Efficiency
MES can offer a wide variety of automation options starting from resin
handling to finished roll handling.
Single / Multi Component Gravimetric Blending, Dosing & Extrusion
process control
3 The system functions independent of the bulk density variations of the
material to be metered guarantying constant quality and repeatability
3 The accuracy considerably reduces the raw material costs, in fact and
the ingredients are metered without any wastage.
Online Thickness Control Systems
3 In Segmented Air type system the gauge is controlled through air flow
from Segmented Air Ring.
Online Thickness Measurement System
3 Online rapid and accurate measurement of film thickness allows
the film production process to be tightly controlled. Thickness can be
measured by capacitive / nuclear based devices, contact or noncontact
devices, prior to collapsing frame or post primary nip
depending upon non-barrier / barrier film nature.
Auto Width Control
3 Provides an instant readout of the actual layflat eliminating the need to
wait for the film to reach the winder. Reduces the time required to get
bubble on size and helps reduce layflat changes from long term
process variations. It helps to make trimless film winding.
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System (SCADA)
3 The SCADA system facilitates the total line control from a single point
giving the operator the flexibility of easy control and monitoring the
complete line performance.
In today’s competitive environment the line configuration
Auxiliaries / Utilities
List of some of the out sourced Auxiliaries / Utilities which can be offered
by MES along with the line to facilitate supply of entire line as a package.
3 Web Guides
3 Corona Treaters
3 Chilling Plants
3 Electrical Distribution panel
3 Testing Equipment etc.
3 Complete Turnkey Solution from Concept to Commissioning

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