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Plastic Processing Machinery

Manufacturers of plastic processing equipment and machines including plastic injection molding machines, extrusion machines, blow moulding and rotomoulding machinery, thermoforming machines, compression molding press, vacuum forming and other plastic machinery and equipments. To contact molding machine and plastic extrusion machines manufacturers write to

Plastic Machinery

Blow Molding Machines

All Electric Blow Moulding Machines 
Blow Molding, Sequential 
Blow Moulding, Structural Foam 
Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines (48)
Extrusion Stretch Blow Moulding Machines (5)
Injection Blow Moulding Machines (5)
Injection Stretch Blowing Moulding Machines (4)
PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machines (49)
Rotary Blow Moulding Wheel Machines (3)

Extrusion Machinery

Air Bubble Film Extrusion Plant (9)
Box Strapping Extrusion Machine (25)
Cable Coating Line (6)
Cast Film Extrusion Machines (19)
Extruders - Single Screw (16)
Extruders - Twin Screw (15)
Laboratory and Pilot Machines (4)
Lamination and Extrusion Coating Plant (47)
Monofilament Extrusion (25)
Monolayer Blown Film Extrusion Lines (46)
Monolayer Blown PP Film Downward Extrusion Plant (11)
Multifilament Extrusion (3)
Multilayer Film Extrusion Plants (22)
PE Collapsible Tube Plant (1)
Pelletizing Plant (10)
Pipe - Corrugated Extrusion Plants (4)
Pipe - Drip Irrigation Machinery (4)
Pipe - PVC Extrusion Machinery (13)
Pipe Extrusion Plants (40)
Profile Extrusion Machinery (20)
Recycling Plant, Plastics Recycling Machinery (44)
Refill Ball Pen Extrusion Plant (2)
Sheet Extrusion Line (52)
Straw Extrusion Plant (4)
Sutli Plant (8)
Tape Plant (11)
Tubing and Hose Extruder Plants (9)

Foam Plastic Production Machinery

Expandable Bead Foam Moulding 
Expandable Foam Extrusion Machines (17)
Expandable Foam Plastic Block Shape Moulding Machinery (10)

Forming and Thermoforming Machinery

Solid Phase Pressure Forming Machine 
ThermoForming Machine (26)
Vacuum Forming Plant (13)

Injection Moulding Machines for Plastics

All Electric Injection Moulding Machine (12)
Gas Assisted Injection Moulding Machines (2)
Injection Moulding Machine 100 to 250 Tons (57)
Injection Moulding Machine 250 to 1000 Tons (41)
Injection Moulding Machine Above 1000 Tons (9)
Injection Moulding Machine For Thermosets (3)
Injection Moulding Machine Up to 100 Tons (42)
Injection Moulding Machine, Multi-Component (5)
Injection Moulding Machine, Multi-Station (2)
Insert Moulding Machines (4)
Lost-Core Moulding Machines 
Reaction Injection Moulding Machine 
Rotary Injection Moulding Machine (2)
Tiebarless Injection Moulding Machines 
Vertical Injection Moulding Machine  (21)

Plastic Machinery - Others

Calendering Machinery (3)
Casting Machine 
Compounding Machinery (19)
Compression Moulding Machine (12)
Dip Moulding 
Laboratory Equipment (16)
Net Mat Mesh Production Machinery (15)
Non Woven Fabric Machinery 
Plastic Flexible Tube Manufacturing Machine  (8)
Reinforced Plastic and Composites Plant 
Transfer Moulding Plant (2)

Rotomoulding Machines

Rotational Molding Machine - Rock N Roll (12)
Roto Moulding Machines - Carousel Biaxial (24)
RotoMoulding Machinery - Shuttle Machines (4)