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Moulds and Dies

We offer quality new and used plastic molds, injection molding molds, blow moulding moulds and dies for plastic household products, kitchenware, and other plastic products. To contact Chinese mould makers, manufacturers and suppliers of plastic injection moulds, extrusion T Dies, extrusion profile dies, hot runner molds, air rings, PET moulds, compression moulds, molds for rotomoulding write to us at

Plastic Molds and Dies

Blow Moulding Moulds and Dies

Blow Moulding Dies (17)
PET Stretch Blow Moulds (2)

Components for Mould Making

Hot Runner Systems (15)
Mould Accessories and Components (9)

Extrusion Dies and Tooling

Box Strapping Dies 
Die Rotating System for Blown Film Dies 
Monofilament Dies (4)
Monolayer Blown Film Dies (2)
Multifilament Dies 
Multilayer Blown Film Dies 
Other Extrusion Dies (5)
Pipe Tubing Cable Coating Extrusion Dies (9)
Profile Dies (2)
Special Purpose Dies / Strip Film (1)
T-Dies / Cast Film (30)

Injection Molds and Dies

Automotive Moulds and Dies (7)
Compression Moulds (1)
Crate Moulds (55)
Furniture Moulds (139)
Household Moulds (79)
Industrial Moulds (53)
Injection Moulds, Thermosets (1)

Injection Molds and Dies

Moulds for In Mould Labeling - IML (1)
Moulds for Medical Application (6)
Packaging Consumer and Industrial Molds (4)
PET Preform PET Hot Runner Moulds (17)
Pipe Fitting Moulds (7)
Runnerless Moulds 
Thin Wall Injection Moulds (7)
Trash Can and Garbage Management Moulds (2)

Machines and Services to Mould Manufacturers

Etching Machine 
Lazer Cutting Machine 
Other Mould Manufacturing Machines (2)
Pantograph Machine 
Plating Equipment 
Polishing Equipment 
Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling (6)
Services to Mould Makers (3)
Spark Erosion Machine (2)
Wire Cutting Machines (4)

Moulds and Dies - Others

Compression Moulding Dies (1)
Expandable Foam Plastic Moulds Dies (1)
Foamed Plastic Moulds 
RotoMolding Molds (28)
Structural Foam Molds (1)
Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Dies (6)
UM-9889 Model: R 190 - Print possibilities: 10+0 - Trolley system: No ...
UM-9995 Husky IND90 PET Preform Injection molding system, year 1999 - Hu...
UM-9199 - Clamping power: 3,500 - Injection unit: 6,600R - Plasticizin...
UM-9985 - Die: Rotating - Winder: 4 stations - Max width: 1250 mm - Dy...
UM-9988 Make: Mamata Machine, India - Width of machine: 800 mm - Three ...
UM-9990 - In-feed: Double Wall Tray Feed - Cutting chamber: 8" x 10" -...
UM-9989 Model: GK50 . - Infeed: Tray Feed - Cutting chamber: 9" x 12"...
UM-9987 Model: 812 Emerald - 47" max repeat - Gearless sleeve press wit...
UM-9983 Engel ES 750 H 330 V 150 HL 2 Color Injection Molding Machine - ...
UM-9981 Model: ECO Convert Junior - Adhesive type: 2 components, non-sol...