For Sale - PR - 2905 - Cryovac Brand Shrink Film


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PR - 2905


Cryovac Brand Shrink Film


Maharashtra, India

Product Details

Sealed Air Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of Shrink Films.
Sealed Air is a leading global manufacturer of materials and systems for protective, presentation and fresh food packaging, and performance solutions in the industrial, food and consumer markets.

Advanced Technology – Multilayered (27 layers) electronically cross-linked Film based on the new Micro-layering technology
Better shrink performance i.e high shrink percentage & low shrink tension
Improved seal strength, impact strength & tear resistance
Less film inventory and less changeover due to increased roll lengths
Enhanced aesthetics with better optics
Potential less energy consumption
Less material usage due to down-gauging of films
Packaging cost reduction
FDA approved