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Plastic & Polymer News

Date Title
Aug 01 '14 Mexico’s Polyethylene suppliers denounce oxo-biodegradable technology
Aug 01 '14 Players react to arrival of PP, PE cargoes from new capacities in China
Aug 01 '14 Lotte Chemical pays lowest spot premium by a South Korean in n about 5 months
Jul 31 '14 Polymer can change color, return to original in less than a second with temperature changes
Jul 31 '14 Underwater self-healing polymer could allow longer lasting biomedical implants
Jul 31 '14 Heat-responsive polymers that do not breakdown in water
Jul 31 '14 YNCC buys H1-September naphtha cargores; premiums drop by over 40%
Jul 31 '14 Promoters of Haldia Petrochemicals reassure?lenders on intent to resolve dispute
Jul 31 '14 Clarification on BASFs petrochem JV with Essar
Jul 31 '14 China’s polymer imports fall by 8% in 2Q 2014
Jul 31 '14 PFC-free waterproof breathable membranes in outdoor clothing
Jul 30 '14 Paraxylene production in NWE to be unchanged amid bearish outlook as facilities come onstream in Asia
Jul 30 '14 New masterbatch formulations with almond shell on standard thermoplastic matrixes offer weight reduction
Jul 30 '14 LyondellBasell delays start-up of expanded production at La Porte ethylene plant
Jul 30 '14 CB&I to market Versalis LDPE and EVA technologies in North America
Jul 30 '14 Naphtha continues to stays down in Asia
Jul 30 '14 Pipes failure leads to shutdown of Eastman Chemical's Texas steam cracker
Jul 29 '14 Tight supplies pave the ground for ethylene increases in Asia
Jul 29 '14 Alpek and BASF ink agreements regarding EPS and PU businesses in Americas
Jul 29 '14 CEPSA selects Badger Licensing to provide technology for new Cumene plant in Shanghai
Jul 29 '14 Mitsubishi to discuss US$850 mln petrochemical investment in Trinidad & Tobago
Jul 29 '14 Small-scale polymer solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 11.5% eclipses previous best
Jul 29 '14 Enhanced resistance to wear and corrosion with new barrel inlay
Jul 28 '14 Global Injection Molding Machine market to grow at a CAGR of 7.43% uptil 2018
Jul 28 '14 LyondellBasell posts sales and record earnings for second quarter
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