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Plastic & Polymer News

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Jan 18 '17 Ethylene-Propylene elastomers market will continue to grow by 2021
Jan 18 '17 Global polypropylene market anticipated to expand at high single-digit CAGR from 2015 to 2025
Jan 18 '17 Bio based Polypropylene expected to be biggest emerging market by 2021
Jan 18 '17 Extremely fragmented global high density polyethylene market to progress at CAGR of 4.2% till 2023
Jan 18 '17 Nova Chemicals Corp starts up new world-scale LLDPE gas phase reactor Joffre, Alberta
Jan 18 '17 Largest-ever rear quarter window in LEXAN™ resin debuts on Buick’s new-generation GL8 MPVs
Jan 18 '17 Global market for mulch films driven by loss of arable land, increase in demand from growing population
Jan 18 '17 MRPLto embark upon fourth phase expansion at investment of INR 24,000 crore
Jan 18 '17 New additive technology to add value and functionality to drug packaging and delivery devices
Jan 18 '17 Technology converts waste plastic bottles & fish net into affordable construction in India
Jan 18 '17 PET complete water solution offers lightweightedness, improved performance and hygiene
Jan 17 '17 Asia Pacific to dominate global demand for high performance thermoplastics
Jan 17 '17 Global polypropylene absorbent hygiene market to cross US$17 bln by 2022
Jan 17 '17 Packaging to dominate Global PP Homopolymer Market
Jan 17 '17 Demand in global bulk container packaging market to register CAGR of 9.7% from 2014 to 2020
Jan 17 '17 Demand in flexible foam market to reach US$64.14 bln by 2026
Jan 17 '17 Demand from North America to dominate demand in global LLDPE market by 2023
Jan 17 '17 Protesters immobilize business at Indorama Petrochemical Ltd in Eleme Local Council of Rivers State
Jan 17 '17 Increasing applications of ethylene intermediates in various industries to drive demand for ethylene
Jan 16 '17 Global Cross-Linked Polyethylene market estimated to reach US$9.43 bln by 2026
Jan 16 '17 Global bio-based biodegradable plastics market expected to generate huge profits by 2020
Jan 16 '17 North American automotive composites market expected to reach US$3.5 bln by 2021
Jan 16 '17 Global market for Light Density Polyethylene bottles to grow well until 2026
Jan 16 '17 SOCAR Polymer's polypropylene and HDPE plants expected to be fully operational in 2018
Jan 16 '17 Naphtha crack in Asia dips after near 16% spike
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